December Prayer Time

by Lindy Swanson, Prayer Team Member

Heavenly Father,

We honor You as sovereign King and Creator of everything. Nothing has come into existence except by Your power and wisdom. You spread out the heavens like a curtain. You will roll them up and destroy the present heaven and earth with fire. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. We put our trust in You.

We praise You for Your power and ability to keep us. No one can take away our eternal life. No one can snatch us out of Your hand. You are the keeper of our souls. You are the victor over sin and death. A trustworthy keeper, You hold the keys of life. Comfort those among us who have lost their loved ones, especially through the holidays and times when their absence is most keenly felt. Thank You for giving us the indwelling presence of Your Comforter, the Holy Spirit. We press into Your presence for comfort.

Jesus, You are the Good Shepherd and the Door by which we access God’s grace. Thank You for the privilege of standing in Your presence without shame, guilt, or condemnation. Our sins were paid in full, once for all time, by Your Son’s sacrificial death. Thank You for making us worthy to stand in Your presence by becoming sin on our behalf and making us the righteousness of God in Christ. What a marvel!

We worship You for our redemption and the privilege of ruling and reigning with You. Help us to walk in a manner worthy of this high calling. Shine Your searchlight on us and expose hidden sin or any way in which we have been deceived. Thank You for revealing Your Spirit of Truth to us. Let nothing remain in our lives that diminishes Your glory.

We think, meditate and write about that which is good, holy, and pure. Guide us in what we write so Your body might be equipped through us. Cause Your manifest presence and fresh revelation to flow out of us to build up Your body and glorify Your name. We offer up all that we are and do as living and holy sacrifices to You. Thank You for granting us favor to accomplish Your will, by Your anointing.

We bring the sacrifice of praise through stories of victories You have given us over our enemies, traumas, bondages, and strongholds in our lives. People see, fear, and trust You through our testimony in word and song. You are worthy, worthy, worthy. You are holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.

Thank You, Light of the World, for dwelling within and shining through our lives. We long to see Your glory, the glory You’ve had with the Father, since before creation. Come quickly, Lord Jesus, Lover of our souls. We love You!

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