December 2012 Prayer

Written by Petey Prater, Prayer Team Member

Precious Jesus, Saving Lord,

You have called us friends; Your watch care over us is constant and perfect. We know You never leave us but are ever helping and caring for each detail of our lives. We gratefully serve You, seek Your face, and offer our time and talents for Your use.

Yet often we stumble in darkness and trouble and don’t see Your shining splendor before us. Teach us to lean into Your strength and provision whether our crisis is spiritual, relational, monetary, or physical. Fold us under Your mighty right arm and support us lest we fall. We know You alone are our only true hope and help.

Holy seasons are upon us—Thanksgiving just past, Christmas just ahead. And so we praise You now for what we do have and set aside our long list of petitions. You know those prayers right well.

Thank You for being our Savior and Guide through this shadowed life. Thank You for Your unsullied purity and Your Word that brings life and light. Thank You for counsel that guides us with Your eye upon us, instructing us in the way. Thank You for mature OCW leadership that seeks You passionately. Thank You for praying scribes who write Your vision and fling it to the hungry, who are waiting for words of life. Thank You for respites of remembrance—holy holidays that remind us of our true purpose: to walk and work as friends of God. We love You. Amen.

Scriptures referenced: John 15:15; Isaiah 50:10; Psalm 32:8–9 

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