December 2012 Member News

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Carolyn Bolz, of Riverside, California, was the main speaker at the Women’s Tea at Messiah Lutheran Church in Highland, California, a few weeks ago. “Six months ago, when my brother-in-law died from brain cancer, I gave the eulogy at his funeral. A woman who came to the service heard me speak and later asked if I would be interested in participating at the Women’s Tea at her church. I hesitated because I was born with genetic dystonia (similar to cerebral palsy) and folks often have difficulty understanding what I’m saying. But finally I agreed to speak at the event.

“My talk on 1 Timothy 4:14 (‘Do not neglect the gift that is in you, that was given you’) went very well and the emcee even commented afterwards that she didn’t realize I was ‘a professional speaker.’ Of course, I’m not, but I appreciated her remarks.

“I am very grateful for the skills I’ve learned at several OCW summer conferences and the helpful information I’ve picked up from reading Christian Communicator over the years. All those tips went into creating and presenting my speech at the tea.  I’ve even been asked to speak at several other events!  Who would have ever imagined this would happen to someone like me who has a physical disability that makes speaking difficult?  I am amazed at God’s work!”

Jane Daly, of Citrus Heights, California, submitted an article to Gospel Publishing House after meeting Paul Smith at the OCW summer conference. She received her first check a couple of weeks ago week for the article titled “Abide in Christ.”

Gail Denham, of Sunriver, did the following recently:

  • —won second place in an Oregon Poetry Association category with a lune poem, untitled
  • —received honorable mention for poem in New Hampshire Poetry Association contest
  • —had five poems included in the Mississippi Milestones anthology book
  • —received second place in a Florida Poet Association category with humor
  • —got honorable mention for three poems in the Alabama Poetry Association contest
  • —had her poem “Helen” in Golden Words Anthology, Senior Poets Series
  • —was named Senior Poet Laureate with this organization for Oregon
  • —won a first and a second prize in Arkansas Poetry Association contest
  • —had her poem, “Mom’s Hands,” in a Florida anthology
  • —won two prizes in Florida July contest
  • —had two of her photos used in online publication, Handful of Dust
  • —won second place in an Arizona “Coffee” subject contest
  • —got two honorable mention wins in an Indiana Poetry Association contest
  • —received a second prize in Arizona Poets Association contest (humor).

Tom Fuller, of Newberg, our OCW summer conference pastor and worship leader, just signed a contract with Arcadia Publishing for his fourth book in the Images of America series. Tom is currently working on Images of America: Oregon’s Capitol Buildings, which will be published in 2014.

Shirley Graybill, of Vancouver, Washington, just received notice the April 20, 2014, issue of LIVE will include her article, “My Own Carrie Lynn Rudberg.”

Crystal Ortmann, of King City, received word from her publisher that she could show the cover of her new book From a Cry of Anguish to a Shout of Praise. It is the culmination of a mandate from the Lord about 40 years ago and a dream she had. It is poetry and prose for people going through hard times in their lives. The message is: “God not only will bring you through if you ask Him, but He will redeem every bad thing that has ever happened to you. He only wants you to bring it to Him. No matter what, with Him on our sides, we will always overcome.”

Debbie Willer, of Salem, reports the following: “At the OCW conference in 2011, one of my contacts didn’t want my book but was interested to find out if I had photos. This resulted in sending a CD of photos to a sister house in England. I just got the news that they are purchasing five of my photos for a devotional book! I’m amazed at how that happened. Even more of a ‘God’ moment—the last photo of mine in the book is paired with my confirmation verse from more than 40 years ago. God is wondrous in how He can make you smile.”

Lorna Woods, of Hammond, just published her inspirational romantic suspense novel, Escape the Dragon, on Amazon KDP.

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