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What’s your Question?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could plot your entire story by asking one question? You can. I’m so excited that this year, at the Oregon Christian Writers’ conference I’m teaming up with Jim Rubart to teach you this amazing brainstorming and plotting technique that will revolutionize and simplify the plotting process! And it all starts with one epic question. …

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A Child will Lead You

Whenever I speak at a writers’ conference, I tell attendees, “ If you have a child, were a child, or have ever seen a child, you can write for children.” I stand by that statement. What I often fail to say is, “ It’s not easy.” Many writers have the misconception that writing for children is simple. After all, kids …

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Fun with Fundamentals

Addition was easy. But that was first grade . . . then came third grade and multiplication. I remember night after night, sitting in my dad’s lap, going over and over the times tables. Dad would be talking loudly and I’d be crying. For some reason it took me MUCH longer to understand 2×1=2 than 2+1=3. But, after many excruciating …

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How to Bring Characters in from the Cold

Man In The Cold

Virtually all books on character creation contain a list of questions, a “dossier” to fill out that starts with how a character looks, where he was born, and so on through his family circumstances, education, likes and dislikes, etc. I have not found such forms helpful. It may just be a personal quirk, but I’m never excited about filling out …

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It’s All About Story

I’m sitting in a comfortable chair in my living room with a cup of tea, surrounded by stacks of library books, my laptop, and some movies I plan to watch. To the untrained eye it appears that I’m loafing, but I’m actually hard at work, searching for new worlds to discover. In other words, I’m researching my next book. Living …

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