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Summer Conference

Jane Kirkpatrick

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For some years, I worked with Native American families on the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon. One of the traditions there was that at the completion of a basket-making class, students often gave away their first basket. Many times the basket teacher received that fledgling effort. In my 17 years there, I was privileged to receive three first baskets, even though I know nothing about basket-making. Continue reading Read More »

Ed Underwood

Ed Underwood, 2015 Summer Conference Keynoter

Fifteen years ago this passionate teacher of the Bible was living his dream of serving Jesus at his church in Southern California when he hit a wall . . . Over the years, Ed Underwood had prayed at bedsides and emergency rooms with members of his congregation. But when this senior pastor of the historic Church of the Open Door in Southern California, a former firefighter, officer in the US Army, and graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary got a diagnosis that amounted to a death sentence, chronic leukemia, he began a journey of despair that led to deeper prayer and hope—and eventually to his first book. Continue reading Read More »


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We are very pleased to announce the 2015 Cascade Writing Contest finalists. The winners will be announced at the Cascade Awards during the OCW Summer Coaching Conference on August 12, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. at the Red Lion Hotel on the River in Portland, Oregon. Congratulations to the following finalists for the 2015 Cascade Awards. Continue reading Read More »

Setting Yourself Apart

Tamela Hancock Murray

by Tamela Hancock Murray, Steve Laube Literary Agency I’m excited about being on faculty at the Oregon Christian Writers conference this summer —and especially about meeting many talented authors! Participating in a writers’ conference is one way to set yourself apart from other writers since you’ll be able to meet agents and make connections. Unfortunately, even though I’d love to ... Read More »

2015 SC Mentors

Randy Ingermanson

Mentor Appointments: Focus on the Next Step We are pleased to offer half-hour career mentoring appointments in our Writing Center, where you can sit face-to-face with an experienced professional author to ask advice about craft, marketing, goal-setting, or the business of writing. Mentoring appointments are not just for new authors. A writer can benefit from wise counsel at any stage ... Read More »