Member News & Achievements

2016 Summer Conference Faculty

by Lindy Jacobs, Summer Conference Director We are pleased to announce the following outstanding faculty will be joining us:

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Prayer Team

The Broken Renewed by Lindy Swanson, OCW Prayer Team God is the ultimate Reorganizer, Reducer, Renewer, and Recycler. He loves to upscale broken people into beautiful creations for amazing purposes. My hummingbird feeder, made of recycled pieces of colored glass, is a joy to behold. A friend gave me a trinket bowl in the same motif, saying, “When I saw this …

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Keeping Up with OCW

Fall Conference Review by Susan Mass, OCW Secretary Cynthia Ruchti, keynote speaker at the October one-day conference, described a house on the shore of Lake Michigan with so many windows that she could see the lake through the house as she drove by. God made us to be see-through houses, she continued, so that people can look through us and see …

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