2014 Cascade Contest Judging

 OCW Cascade Writing Contest Judging

Preliminary round: Three judges (published authors, pastors, bookstore owners, teachers, and/or librarians) will review entries and record their scores (scoring elements for each category may be found on the website). All three scores will be averaged. The highest three scores in each category will be determined to be Cascade Writing Contest finalists and will continue to the finals round of the contest. Preliminary score sheets will be emailed back to entrants between June 28 and July 5.

Final round: There will be two finals judges (editors, agents, and published authors) for each category. The finals judges will utilize the same scoring elements used in the preliminary round, and judges may add comments.

Unpublished entries are to be submitted blind to ensure anonymity. If a judge recognizes an unpublished entry through having reviewed the work previously, the judge will recuse himself from judging that entry, and the entry will be given to another judge.

2014 Finals Judges are:

  • Susan Brower (Natasha Kern Agency)
  • Don Pape (NavPress)
  • Sally Apokedak (Les Stobbe Agency)
  • Nick Harrison (Harvest House)
  • William K Jensen (William K Jensen Literary)
  • Mary Sue Seymour (The Seymour Agency)
  • Joanna Echols (Focus on the Family)
  • Jeff Gerke (Writer’s Digest author)
  • Sherri Langton (Bible Advocate)
  • Susan King (The Upper Room)
  • Leslie Gould
  • Jane Kirkpatrick
  • Becky Miller
  • Melody Carlson
  • Kim Bangs
  • Alice Crider (Wordserve Literary Agency)
  • Julie K. Gwinn (Abingdon Press)
  • Terri Kalfas (Grace Publishing)
  • Chad McComas (The Christian Journal)
  • Ben Wolf (Splickety Magazine)
  • Gail Denham
  • Mary Hake
  • P. K. Hallinan
  • Jim Hills
  • Gary Lewis
  • Jennifer Anne Messing
  • Judith Montgomery
  • Gina Ochsner
  • Donita K. Paul
  • David Sanford
  • Cornelia Seigneur
  • Sally Stuart
  • Colette Tennant
  • Jeannie St. John Taylor
  • Sarah Thebarge
  • Jill Williamson
  • Marion Duckworth
  • John Avery