Cascade Award Winners 2016


Congratulations to the 2016 Trailblazer Melanie Dobson, and the 2016 Writer of Promise, Camille Eide!

Published Contemporary Fiction Book

Saving Eric by Joan Deneve

Published Historical Fiction Book

The Memoir of Johnny Devine by Camille Eide

Published Memoir

My God Is Bigger by Helen Heavirland

Published Nonfiction Book – a tie

Garage Sale of the Mind by Jim Hills

The Name Quest by John Avery

Published Children’s Book


Published Young Adult/Middle Grade Book

When Sparrows Fall by Diana Blackstone-Helt

Published Devotional Book

I Have Called You Friends by Shirley Dechaine

Published Articles, Columns, Blog Posts

When You’re Tempted to Despair by Kit Tosello

Published Devotional

Becoming One by Jane Reid

Published Flash Fiction or Short Story

The Girl with the Ink by Lindsay Franklin

Published Poetry

Grand Heart by Gayle Carlson

Unpublished Contemporary Fiction

Broken by Jane Daly

Unpublished Historical Fiction

Children of the Revolution by Kathleen Freeman

Unpublished Children’s

How to Make Your Teacher Faint by Barbara McCourtney

Unpublished Memoir

Learning to Die in Saudi Arabia by Betts Baker

Unpublished Nonfiction

The Shadow of Doubt by Shari Carroll

Unpublished Speculative Fiction

Tranquility by Christa Conklin

Unpublished Young Adult/Middle Grade

Great Date Experiment by Ashley Mays

Unpublished Articles

“An Angel on Earth” by Tammy Ferguson

Unpublished Devotionals

“What Am I Saying?” by Lisa Cullett

Unpublished Flash Fiction/Short Stories

“To Fly” by Rebecca Olmstead

Unpublished Poetry

“Eternal Word” by Laura Davis


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