April 2013 Member News


Carolyn Bolz, of Riverside, California, had an article she wrote about a workshop at her church—and what happened afterward—posted on the Lutheran Hour Ministries website. To read it, go to http://www.lhmgift.org/gifts-at-work/default.asp then look at the bottom of the page for “MISSION U School of Witnessing” and her picture.

Birdie Etchison, of Ocean Park, Washington, sold an article to War Cry, the Salvation Army magazine, and also to be used on the Salvation Army website. She got the idea at Writer’s Weekend at the Beach a few weeks back. Julie Zander said something and Birdie added some examples to the thought to develop the article “How Many Times Can You Say I Love You?”

Mary Hake, of Falls City, has her rhyming children’s story “How Her Garden Grows” featured on the cover of this month’s Clubhouse Jr. She has been asked to write more for both of the Focus on the Family children’s publications. She will also have her children’s story “What Can You Give?” reprinted in the December issue of The Seed of Truth. Christian Aid Ministries distributes 100,000 copies in the Romanian language, 30,000 in Russian, and 3,950 in Polish free of charge in various countries, either with a food parcel or through churches and pastors, and also print about 9,300 English copies.

Joy Mazeikas, of Salem and author of Egg Song, has the following book signings:

April 13, Rainbow West Bookstore, Lancaster Mall, noon to 4 p.m.

April 26, The Book Mine Bookstore, Cottage Grove “Art Walk,” 6–8 p.m.

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