2018 Manuscript Submission Program

Manuscript Submission Guidelines for Registered Full-Time Conferees

Beginning June 1, registered full-time conferees will be able to send mini-proposals and magazine articles to an email address that will be supplied on this page. All manuscripts must be sent electronically as a Word or PDF file.

The manuscript coordinator will send your proposal(s) and manuscript(s) onto the editor(s) and/or agent(s) you indicate. Do not send anything directly to an agent or editor.

Please carefully follow these guidelines for submitting your mini-proposals and articles. Some editors/agents have requested a cap on the number of mini-proposals and articles they are willing to review, so submit early. The Manuscript Submission Program is for full-time registered conferees only.

All manuscripts must be received by midnight PDT July 14 to be included in the manuscript review program.


You may submit up to three (3) mini-proposals for a book (the same book or three different books) for editors or agents to review before the conference. You may submit only one mini-proposal to any one editor or agent.


In addition, you may submit up to three (3) magazine articles for review.

At the conference, you will receive a Response Sheet for each submission. If an editor or agent sees potential in your work, he or she may request that you send a full proposal/manuscript after the conference and/or will request to meet with you for a 15-minute appointment during the conference. Response sheets will be available to pick up beginning Monday evening at the Hospitality Desk.

** Submission and Payment Details:

  • There will be a $6 handling fee for each submission. Click HERE to pay by credit card. You may also pay by sending a check made out to OCW to 1075 Willow Lake Rd. N., Keizer, OR 97303. You may pay for all submissions in one payment.
  • In the subject line of the submission email, list your last name followed by MS and the name of the editor or agent you are submitting to such as: “Johnson MS Susan King.”

Check the list of book editors, agents, and magazine editors  (available once registration opens) who will be reviewing manuscripts to find the best match for your work. At the end of each editor and agent bio, you will find a list of “what we’re looking for” and in some cases, “what we’re not looking for.” Editors and agents have asked us to remind you to submit only what they have indicated they are looking for. (Do not send a romance novel to an agent who is looking for Bible study materials.) Please follow formatting guidelines listed with each magazine editor’s bio. A devotional word count may be different than a magazine article. You must do your homework.


Format all manuscripts in the standard manner:

  • 12-point Times New Roman font (preferably)
  • one-inch margins all around
  • one-half-inch indents on all new paragraphs (set default)
  • fully double-spaced manuscript pages—the cover letter and one-page proposal (required for book proposals) should be single-spaced
  • widow and orphan control turned off
  • spell-checked
  • proofed for accuracy, typos, and grammar and punctuation errors
  • Take a look . . . and another look to make sure it’s the best it can be!


You will receive an email confirmation that your submission(s) and payment for each have been received. It will not be necessary to respond to the confirmation email. Your cover letter and payment will provide us with everything necessary to process your manuscript(s). (Note: We need both your submission and your payment before we consider your submission complete and ready to send on.)


Each proposal must include a cover letter (with your name and contact information centered at the top), synopsis, and manuscript pages. Please include:

  • one-page(single-spaced) cover letter that:
  • includes your email address
  • personally addresses the editor or agent you have chosen
  • briefly describes the work: what genre/category it fits, word count, how it compares to what is already in the marketplace, if the work is finished, and your credentials for writing it
  • one-page, single-spaced synopsis
  • for fiction—a summary of your novel that includes major story points and the ending
  • for nonfiction, the book synopsis may be written in either paragraph form or chapter-by-chapter outline, depending on the type of book.
  • up to the first 10 pages of your work (double-spaced). End at a logical place.

 Each book mini-proposal (including cover letter and synopsis) should be submitted as one Word or PDF file that includes your name, the title of the work, and the page number at the top of each page.

Each proposal (including cover letter and synopsis) should not exceed 12 pages total.

  • Please write your last name followed by MS and the agent’s/editor’s name in the subject line of the email, such as: Johnson MS Nick Harrison.
  • Send each submission in a separate email.



Once again, we are expanding the opportunity for magazine article submissions. Whether or not you submit one, two, or three mini-proposals for books, you may submit up to three (3) articles for review (1,000 words or fewer per article) to whichever periodical editor(s) you choose. You may submit to three separate editors or more than one article to one. We suggest you bring extra articles/pitches and sign up for on-the-spot meetings with magazine editors in the Writing Center. See the Magazine Editors’ link to get acquainted with these great representatives. Please follow formatting guidelines provided with each magazine editor’s listing.

Each article submission must include a one-page single-spaced cover letter (with your name and contact information centered at the top) that:

  • includes your email address
  • personally addresses the editor or agent you have chosen
  • briefly describes the work—what genre/category it fits, word count, and your credentials for writing it

Include up to the first 1,000 words of your work (double-spaced). End at a logical place.

Each article submission should:

  • include your name, the title of the work, and the page number at the top of each page
  • notexceed 1,000 words (many completed articles or devotionals will contain fewer than that)
  • be submitted as one Word or PDF file that includes your name, the title of the work, and the page number at the top of each page.

Please write your last name followed by MS and editor’s name in subject line such as: Johnson MS Susan King. Send each submission in a separate email.



When you pick up the response sheet from the Hospitality Desk, check to see if the editor or agent has requested an appointment with you in the Writing Center. Remember, submitting your work to editors or agents gives them the opportunity to decide if your work is appropriate for them.

  • Those reading your mini-proposals and articles may make suggestions on the response sheet, but do not expect extensive critique or feedback. If you feel you need or want more feedback, meet with a pro writer or mentor.
  • There will be opportunities to share your work with other editors, agents, mentors, and professional writers. Check the clipboards in the Writing Center for appointment openings.

Check clipboards at the Writing Center and sign up for a 15-minute appointment. Practice your pitch before the meeting. Some editors may ask for a One Sheet or a sample of your work during the meeting. Others may ask you to send a proposal or full manuscript after the conference.


Pro Writers will be available in the Writing Center to offer on-the-spot advice and suggestions. Take advantage of these seasoned, expert authors.

Please send any questions to (an OCW website-based email address for someone).

Happy writing!


For questions to the Manuscript Submission document email: mspquestions@oregonchristianwriters.org