2017 Summer Conference Book Editors

Oregon Christian Writers is pleased to introduce the wonderful book editors and publishing houses joining us for the 2017 summer conference. Pay particular attention to types/genres of writing these editors want to acquire and note each editor’s preference: See the Manuscript Submission page for general submission guidelines and information on how to submit mini-proposals.

Steve Barclift – www.kregel.com

Editor Panel (Wednesday)
Writing Center

Steve Barclift
Steve Barclift

Steve Barclift has been involved in Christian publishing for 30 years. He was the founding managing editor of Christian Parenting Today magazine (originally located in Sisters) before accepting a book-editing position with Questar Publishers in 1989. (Questar eventually purchased Multnomah Publishers and took on Multnomah’s better-known name. Multnomah is now part of WaterBrook Multnomah, a division of Random House.) Steve was a senior editor with Questar/Multnomah for several years and has been managing editor at Kregel Publications since 1997. A children’s book author, Steve received an ECPA (Evangelical Christian Publishers Association) Gold Medallion Award for The Beginner’s Devotional. The Christian Living category is particularly important to Kregel.

Kregel Publications is looking for:
• Christian living (books that relate the Bible to everyday life)
• Women’s issues
• Bible studies (series only; topical are best)
• Self-help books
• Discipleship
• Devotionals
• Parenting/family/relationships

Fiction with a believable story line that feature characters who engage life realistically and biblically in these categories:
• Historical
• Historical romance
• Romantic suspense
• Older teen or young adult

Kregel Publications is not looking for: juvenile fiction, children’s picture books, anything political.

Steve will review through the Manuscript Submission Program.

Alice Crider – www.davidccook.com

Workshop: “Discovering Your Writer’s Voice”
Editor Panel (Wednesday)
Writing Center

Alice Crider
Alice Crider

Alice Crider, Senior Acquisitions & Development Editor at David C Cook, has served in various capacities in Christian publishing since 1998. She has worked with a number of best-selling authors, and she teaches writing and editing workshops at writers’ conferences nationally and internationally. Also a certified life coach, Alice lives in Colorado, where she enjoys hiking, horseback riding, organic gardening, and spending time with her family.


David C Cook is looking for:
• Nonfiction messages that meet a high felt need and provide biblical content leading to discipleship.
• Books for spiritual growth, women’s issues, relationships, marriage, parenting
• Bible study
• Books for personal development, as well as books for pastors and/or church leaders.
• Within this scope, we are also looking for books that could be accompanied by video and/or other media to support audience engagement.

David C Cook is not looking for: fiction, children’s, YA, memoir, narrative nonfiction
Alice will review through the Manuscript Submission Program.

Alice will review through the Manuscript Submission Program.

Vicki Crumpton – www.bakerpublishinggroup.com

Workshop: “What Agents and Editors Do for Authors (and Publishers)”
Editor Panel (Wednesday)
Writing Center

Vicki Crumpton

Vicki Crumpton, Executive Editor for Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, has more than 25 years of publishing experience. A recipient of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association’s Editor of the Year award, she has acquired a number of award finalists and winners, as well as several New York Times bestsellers, including 90 Minutes in Heaven. She holds a master of divinity and a doctorate from Southwestern Seminary and works from her home in Western Kentucky.


In nonfiction, Revell is looking for:
• Christian living, prayer, self-help, parenting, marriage, humorous
In fiction, Revell is looking for:
• Suspense
• Romantic suspense
• Historical
• Historical romance
• Biblical

Revell is not looking for: poetry, short stories, Bible study material, devotionals, YA, children’s
Vicki will review through the Manuscript Submission Program.

Vicki will review through the Manuscript Submission Program.

Judy Dunagan – www.MoodyPublishers.com

Workshop: “Pursuit: Seeking His Purpose for Your Writing”
Editor Panel (Wednesday)
Writing Center

Judy Dunagan

Judy Dunagan served as a women’s ministry leader before joining Moody Publishers in 2014 as an acquisitions editor overseeing the women’s line of books and discipleship resources. A wonder seeker who chases knowledge of God and His Word, Judy is passionate about discipling women and making God’s Word come alive in everyday life. Visit her blog at judydunagan.com.


Moody is looking for:


  • Mostly books and Bible studies geared to women between the ages of 20–50.
  • Christian living (women’s titles)
  • Bible studies (for women of all ages, prefer books of the Bible, but will review topical studies as well)
  • Marriage and parenting
  • Memoir (if balanced with deep spiritual truths, scripture) 

Moody is not looking for: children’s books or fiction.

Judy will review only at the conference. She prefers one-sheets at interviews, then will ask for proposals to be emailed to her.

Miralee Ferrell – www.mountainbrookink.com

Editor Panel (Wednesday)
Writing Center

Miralee Ferrell has been involved in Christian publishing for 12 years. She is a best-selling author, with four different titles on the ECPA Bestseller list and one title on USA Today’s list, as well as several other awards. Miralee is published in historical romance, women’s contemporary fiction, middle-grade fiction, and children’s fiction, with 24 titles currently in print. She founded Mountain Brook Ink more than three years ago as a small, traditional publisher willing to give debut authors a start. Mountain Brook specializes in fiction that entertains, but they are more interested in fiction that contains a life message. Miralee loves coming alongside her authors and helping them learn how to improve their work then do the marketing needed to help make it successful.

Mountain Brook Ink is looking for—the first four are our strongest need at this time:
Mysteries, both standard and cozies.
Suspense and romantic suspense.
Contemporary novels for and about women, including romance.
Historical romance, old West, Regency, and more (within the US). Can be historical fiction without a romance. NOT anything from 1950 forward.
Amish-themed ONLY if the author has Anabaptist background or close ties.
Fantasy/sci-fi/spiritual warfare (not our highest priority right now).
Young adult to a small degree—we’re interested in unique storylines with a strong author voice that shines. However, it’s our lowest priority at this time.
Anything else that’s fresh and well-written.
Mountain Brook Ink is not looking for:
Children’s or middle-grade novels (might make an exception for MG fantasy).
Nonfiction, short stories, novellas, poetry, or memoirs.
dystopian fiction.

 Todd Hafer – www.harvesthousepublishers.com

Workshop: “. . . And Then There Were ‘Nones’”
Editor Panel (Wednesday)
Writing Center

Todd Hafer

Todd Hafer is the Senior Acquisitions Editor for Lifestyle at Harvest House Publishers. Before joining Harvest House, he helped launch the book publishing program for Hallmark Cards, Inc. He has written 60 books, with sales of more than two million copies. He has helped create books with several best-selling authors, including Joyce Meyer, Toby Mac, and Don Miller. He has won awards for both his fiction and nonfiction work. One of his books, Bad Idea: A Novel with Coyotes, is being made into a feature film. For more information, visit the haferbrothers.com website.

Harvest House is looking for:
• Cookbooks
• Activity books (such as coloring and puzzle books)
• Books on health and wellness
• DIY/home
• Devotionals
• Books of prayers
• Sports books
• Humor
• Books of inspiring true stories
• Creative books related to Christmas and Easter

Harvest House is not currently looking for: fiction.

Todd will review through the Manuscript Submission Program.

Terri Kalfas – www.grace-publishing.com

Workshop: “Writing and Publishing Bible Studies in the 21st Century”
Editor Panel (Wednesday)
Writing Center

Terri Kalfas
Terri Kalfas

Terri Kalfas began her career as a journalist where she worked as a newspaper reporter, freelance writer, managing editor, and editor. She made the move to Christian publishing more than 27 years ago. Since then she has held positions ranging from editor to publisher. Her goal is to publish books that make people want to read the Bible for themselves in addition to reading books and studies about the Word. She is acquiring for Grace Publishing.
Grace Publishing is an independent Christian publisher founded with the intent to develop and distribute biblically based resources that challenge, encourage, teach, equip, and entertain Christians young and old in their personal journeys. The company is committed to providing resources for spiritual growth and renewal that aid and encourage the lives of believers and the people their lives touch. We want to help people fall in love with the stories and passages that inspire and help them understand God’s plan and will for our lives.

Grace Publishing is looking for:
• Fiction
• Bible study
• Inspirational nonfiction
• Submissions that deal with a Christian’s personal journey

Grace Publishing is not looking for: children’s, scholarly, devotionals, reference material, journals, biography, poetry

Terri will review through the Manuscript Submission Program.

Nancy Lohr – www.journeyforth.com

Workshop: “Heroes: Writing Biographies for Children”
Workshop: “The Plot Thickens”
Editor Panel (Wednesday)
Writing Center

Nancy Lohr

Nancy Lohr, Acquisitions Editor at JourneyForth Books, acquires for both the youth and adult markets. Nancy has 20 years of experience in book publishing as both an editor and a writer, and she was an educator and children’s librarian before moving to publishing. She loves to teach about the art and craft of writing. She is an avid reader who reads widely in both the youth and adult markets, and she agrees with C.S. Lewis who said, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”


JourneyForth is looking for:
• Engaging novels or biographies for the pre-college reader. A biblical worldview must be at the heart of the story.
• First chapter books rather than YA novels; willing to look at fiction for all ages of pre-college readers.
• Bible studies
• Christian living books for teens and adults, especially those that focus on the defense of one’s faith in an increasingly unfriendly culture.

JourneyForth is not looking for: picture books, spec-fiction, fiction for the adult market, curriculum for church or school

Nancy will review through the Manuscript Submission Program.

David Long – www.BethanyHouse.com

Editor Panel (Wednesday)
Writing Center

David Long

David Long serves as Executive Editor, Fiction, with Bethany House Publishers where he’s been working with talented best-selling and award-winning novelists across many genres since 2004. Prior to migrating to the editorial side of the company, he spent six years in the marketing department. He and his family live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



Bethany House is looking for: Completed novels with a strong voice that understand and deliver in their genre.
• Contemporary fiction including mystery/suspense, romantic suspense and romance
• “Book club” fiction
• Historical fiction
• Historical romance

Bethany House is not looking for: science-fiction/fantasy, Amish, YA.

David will review through the Manuscript Submission Program.