2017 Cascade Finalists


We are very pleased to announce the 2017 Cascade Writing Contest finalists. The winners will be announced at the Cascade Awards during the OCW Summer Coaching Conference on August 17, 2017, at 7 p.m. at the Red Lion Hotel on the River in Portland, Oregon. Congratulations to the following finalists for the 2017 Cascade Awards.


Published Children’s Book
The Deep Dark Silver Mine, ALL ABOARD SERIES, Book 2 by Marlene Bischoff
The Long Cold Snow Storm, ALL ABOARD SERIES, Book 3 by Marlene Bischoff
Would a Worm Go on a Walk? by Hannah Hall

Published Contemporary Book
Weighed Down: A Love Story Worth Lifting Up by Laurie Boulden
Right to Kill by John Lawe
The Morning Star Rises by Sara Davison

Published Historical Fiction
While I Count the Stars by Valerie Banfield
To Follow Her Heart by Rebecca DeMarino
The Lawman by Connie Seibert

Published Memoir
Lessons from a Son’s Life . . . and Death by Merrit Hearing
Jeri Houle: My Story of Courage and Hope Fighting Blood Cancer by Jeri Houle
It Takes More than Legs to Stand by Lyla Swafford

Published Nonfiction Book
The Caregiving Season by Jane Daly
The Gift of Social Anxiety: Finding Rest in God’s Grace by Julie Rajnus
Designed to Pray by Kelly Stanley

Published Speculative Fiction
The Flaming Sword by Heather FitzGerald
The Tethered World by Heather FitzGerald
King’s Folly by Jill Williamson

Published Young Adult/Middle Grade
Sophie Topfeather, Superstar! by Sonja Anderson
Love, Lexi: Letters to God by Sherry Kyle
Beyond Ikenick Creek by Tracey Mayfield

Published Articles
“Sheltered from the Storm” by Laura Bradford
“Full Circle” by Dawn Shipman
“Jonah’s Biggest Fear” by Kristen Joy Wilks

Published Devotional
“Global ‘Warning’” by Laura Bradford
“Chosen” by Heidi Gaul
“Father’s Delight” by Jane Reid

Published Poetry
“The Sound of a Brilliant Redeemer” by Lynn Hare
“Sweet Scent of Rain” by Linda Kruschke
“Wings of the Morning” by Kathleen Ruckman

Published Short Story/Flash Fiction
“Oscar the Matchmaker” by Sharon James
“A Surrey on Maui” by Sharon James
“River Rat” by Yvonne Kays


Unpublished Children’s Book
From God, With Love by Melinda Poling
The Stolen Lunch by Kristen Joy Wilks
Wishie and the Wind by Shannon Yarosz

Unpublished Contemporary Fiction
The Girl in the Cardboard Box by Jane Daly
The Littlest Highwayman by Kathleen Freeman
Pastor Swap by David Rawlings

Unpublished Historical Fiction
Judgment Between the Rivers by Marie Wells Coutu
Kanawha Winds by Kendy Pearson
Kanawha Tears by Kendy Pearson

Unpublished Memoir
My Terminal: A Story of Hope Facing Terminal Illness by Sarah Braden
My Name Is Beloved by Linda Kruschke
Promises Kept by Dani Nichols

Unpublished Nonfiction Book
Don’t Miss Love by Steven Batchelor
Fruit Flies: A Woman’s Journey Nurturing and Sharing the Fruit of the Spirit by Anne Paden
No Expectations by Kimberly Solis

Unpublished Speculative Fiction
The Seen Ones by Melissa Ferguson
Unarmed by Katie Powner
Lost Stones of Argonia by Dawn Shipman

Unpublished Young Adult/Middle Grade
Loser Girl Extraordinaire by Xochitl Dixon
The Lost Kings Chronicles, Book 1: Outcast by Jennifer Lindsay
The Kneeling Tree by Katie Powner

Unpublished Article or Blog Post
“A Doll with Panties” by Marissa Hunter
“Chickens, Children, and Christians” by Louis Wachsmuth
“Discovering Uncommon Praise” by John Wozniak

Unpublished Devotional
“Love’s Lemonade: A Devotional for Couples” by Barbara Rice
“Our House Is So Big!” by Durwood Smith
“A New Thing” by Lee Ann Zanon

Unpublished Poetry
“Proof” by Jill Dyer
“Call” by Patti Lee
“Daddy” by Mary McIntier

Unpublished Short Story
“Her Time to Fly” by Kasey Hesher
“Jack’s Portal” by Norma Nill
“Not My Son” by Rebecca Olmstead