Critique Groups

Finding Critique Groups
by Gail Sattler, Critique Group Coordinator

At the summer conference a number of people approached me to ask about critique groups, plus I also saw a note on the bulletin board with names of people who wanted to be in one.

OCW has an online critique group system as a perk of membership, with each group getting its own dedicated loop email address. We match people who write in the same genre and offer critique partners for all kinds of fiction and nonfiction. If your genre has more than one group, we match people according to how often they want to submit. People who want to submit weekly in one, or biweekly in another, for example. If you’ve never been in a group before, we have some suggestions and guidelines to get you started. Keep in mind each one is completely independent, and you do what works best for your own group.

Another perk of OCW membership is the general email loop. If you’re not on this loop, don’t be afraid to join. That is the place to pose a writing question or let others know about an upcoming book-signing or other writing-related news. If you want to join either or both, and/or have questions, please email me!

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