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by Marilyn Rhoads, OCW Program Coordinator

A. Rachel Hauck will present “The Story Spine: What Every Book Needs. How do you write a novel? What elements do you need for writing success? A backbone—a spine, first of all. Discover the critical plot points on which to plant your characters, their inner journey, their outer journey, and how it all comes together in a successful book. (Fiction)

B. “The Publishing Journey” will feature April McGowan, Camille Eide, and Rebecca DeMarino. Do you know what the publishing world requires to write, acquire an agent, sell to an editor, and market a potential bestseller? Join these successful fiction authors as they describe their day-to-day efforts. (Marketing)

3 - mcgowanApril McGowan is the author of two novels, Jasmine and Macy. She writes fiction, homeschools her two children, plays board games, and rocks out at her drum kit, imagining she’s on her dream world tour. She says it could happen!

3 - eideCamille Eide is releasing her first book (with Ashberry Lane), Like There’s No Tomorrow, a contemporary romance. She writes heart-tugging tales of love and faith when she’s not hugging her new granddaughter or playing the bass guitar.

3 - demarinoRebecca DeMarino’s debut novel, A Place in His Heart, is based on her ancestors. Her family came to Long Island in the mid-1600s to establish a new life and legacy. Rebecca has traveled the world as a stewardess.

C. “How Not to Write a Christian Poem” will be taught by Mary McIntosh. Is it possible not to write a Christian poem if God is the center of your life? What is a truly Christian poem? What is the purpose of writing Christian poetry? Is one obligated to use religious language? This class will examine poems by Christian poets, both traditional and contemporary, and try to answer these questions by discussing the value and dynamics of Christian poetry. Plus, the workshop will conclude with participants writing a poem utilizing these techniques! (Poetry)

Mary, who holds a doctorate in English, is a poet, freelance writer, and editor who has taught English at several colleges in the Northwest and California. In addition to publishing poems, her articles have appeared in Spectrum and Oregon Humanities magazines. Now semiretired, she loves conducting workshops for aspiring writers.

D. Sally Stuart will present “Using How-To Articles to Launch Your Writing Career. How-to/self-help articles target one of the most overlooked markets around—making it a great place for beginners to break into article writing. This class will help define these articles, draw from your experiences, teach you how to collect and organize ideas, and give you insider tips. (Articles)

stuartsSally has published a dozen books, countless articles, and numerous columns over the past 43 years. She compiled 25 editions of the Christian Writers’ Market Guide. As marketing columnist for Christian Communicator, Advanced Christian Writer, and OCW, she is considered the leading authority on the Christian market. She is in demand as a conference speaker nationwide.

E. “Your Questions and Amazing Answers” will be conducted by Rachel Hauck.Come and ask Rachel questions about your own writing journey, technical fiction topics, how she began her publishing career, or what she’s doing as a successful romance writer. What would you like to know? (Fiction)

F. “Turn Your Passion into an Online Column” will be taught by Jennifer Anne Messing. This workshop will define your passions so you can write a regular column, learn how to pitch to an editor, and begin the process. Writers’ style guides will be explained and referenced. Compensation and online markets currently seeking columnists will be explored. (Journalism)

Jennifer Anne is an OCW past-president, an award-winning author, poet, and a columnist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Christian education and journalism and has published more than 200 articles/poems in 60 magazines. She writes a classic-movie-review column featured at new book, Everlasting Love: Romantic Vignettes for a Woman’s Heart,will release in print and ebook in 2014.

G. “Coffee-Table Book Publishing” will be presented by Joyce Wilkens. She says you don’t have to be a professional photographer to produce an inspirational photo coffee-table book. Do you have an idea for a great book involving photography and literary text? Do you want to break into this niche? Learn the secrets to publish your dream book. (Nonfiction)

Joyce won a Cascade Writing Award in 2014 for published nonfiction. She is the author/photographer/artist of Teacup Art . . . and Reflections and Walking Sticks. Her passion for hiking, nature, art, and poetry inspires her books. She has worked as an art/history docent and actor. A watercolor artist, she and her husband live on a small mountaintop overlooking the Palouse in Eastern Washington.

H. “ABCs of Social Media Success” will be taught by Nicole Miller.Success in social media marketing starts with the basics. Learn the essentials, time-savers, and tools you must have for the best results. Bring your social media stumpers and personal challenges for the question-and-answer session at the end. (Social media)

Nicole MillerNicole is the Community Champion at Buffer (, a writer, reader, and urban homesteader. She connects with community members, tends her flock of chickens and ducks, writes historical fiction, and rides her horse. She has 10 years of experience in marketing and has won several nonfiction writing awards as well as theCascade Writing Award in 2014for unpublished historical fiction.

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